SWISH INDUSTRIES  is the name of Trust and Quality. We have carved out distinguished market position and exceptional expertise in the FMCG sector.
We have been manufacturing  good product range in confectionary like Fruit flavored CANDY, LOLIPOP, COCONUT PEDA, SUGAR CUBE JELLY. Our especial product with difference is DIZEX (Digestive Candy) a complete herbal product with efficacy in digestion. We suggest 1 tablets S.O.S.
We have expanded our basket with other food items like Papad, Namkins and Snacks, Spice, Soya Bari, Sewai, Noodles, Sauce and may more.
We have added products  with brand name HYGINE PLUS white phenyl in JASMINEe and LEMON flavor, that floor disinfectant and cleaner. Adding BLUE NEEL, MOSQUITO COIL, MATCH BOX, INSCENCE STICKS.
Our future plan to enter in to the market of Personal Care and Cosmetics, OTC Products.
SWISH believes in providing quality,taste with strong Brand image in his market. People in SWISH higly committed towards their customers and quality of products.
Our vision is to establish SWIISH among top ranked Indian FMCG Company. The company having very organized, professionally expertise, disciplined and dedicated Sales and Marketing  team from FMCG sectors, who always puts their effort to make the environment very friendly, comfortable  and homely for every member. 


Welcome to the "WORLD OF CONFECTIONARIES". We invite you to taste your tongue with delicious,mouthwatering FRUIT CANDIES, MILKCANDIES, BUTTER CANDIES, ECLAIRS, CHOCOLATES, LOLLYPOPS, WAFER BISCUITS, JELLY CUPS and many more. Our products are proved for taste, quality, as well as nutritional value. We prep aired our confectionary recipes as per natural taste based on consumer's taste buds liked by every age group of customers. we ensures best fabrication using best quality natural raw materials, tamper proof hygienic packing for maintaining natural freshness with zero contamination. Our products establish superior bench marks in terms of quality and taste.