SWISH“ has been established in 2012 as SWISH CONSUMER AND FOOD PRODUCTS. We manufactures our products in our manufacturing unit “Swish Industries” with ensuring high quality under safe and hygienic condition.
We are engaged in manufacturing of wide variety of product range not only for human being but also in veterinary segment. We are manufacturing as our core identity “Sugar boiled Confectionary” products like Herbal Digestive candy (DIZEX), Fruit candy, Lollipops, Coconut Peda, White Phenyl Brand is HYGIN PLUS, apart from these we are in manufacturing of Namkeen products with Brand name of KING’S NAMKEEN like excellent variety of MIXTURE, BHUJIA, NUT, DAL etc. in popular segment with excellent taste as per Indian market.
In Veterinary segment we are manufacturing and supplying cattle feed with the Brand name “SAMRAT” for Both Cow and Buffalo manufactured in clean, and hygienic condition. All ingredients supplied by very reliable and trusted vendors of market which ensures high quality. We are providing Cattle feed with high protein and fat Bypass formulation. Samrat Pashu Aahar gives high nutrition value to cattle which helps in production of milk with high fat as well as SNF (Non-Fat-Solids) with its protein, mineral and Pre/Pro-biotic rich content. Our Cattle feed take care our farmers to get high return by using this to the cattle.
We are going to give several products in food section like Sugar cube Jelly, Kurkure sticks, Corn/Rice Puffs, vermicelli, Noodles, soya Bari, Papad, OTC ,Personal and Home care products like toilet cleaner, Herbal Tooth Paste, Blue Neel, Cosmetics and POULTRY FEED .
We manufacture under stringent parameters of quality measurement with pure, efficacious, and safe ingredients to maintain superior quality. Our Products matches with quality competitors in Market.
We have to give the products in consumer market with quality with Brand value which are used and required on daily basis by all categories of customers by 2020 in our domestic market.
Our vision to get our presence in not only domestic market but also in abroad market with strong product range in FMCG, FMCD, VETRINARY, GARMENT , PHARMACEUTICAL  market especially. We should have strong professional team with strong Distribution channels to explore the market with our products. Our products should with high quality value for each and every one.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish SWISH among top ranked Indian FMCG Company. The company having very organized, professionally expertise, disciplined and dedicated management team from FMCG sectors, who always puts their effort to make the environment very friendly, comfortable and homely for every member.

     They have vast experience to shape the brand to deliver consistent quality to the consumer, which makes it comparable to best of the best of international standard.

We believe in 4 p's theories:-
1. PEOPLE: People at SWISH are disciplined and dedicated.
2. PRODUCTS: Our products are best in quality, taste and standard.
3. PRICE: We are sensitive to make affordable price.
4. PROMOTION: Sharp and quality promotion has been designed.

     We firmly believe in sensitive care of our customer and consumer. On this believe SWISH has vast consumer base with enormous satisfaction. We trust in Planned, systematic and smart working and believe in OUTMAN-OEUVRE. SWISH is philter of phlox liking company. We are highly ambitious to make our products, most modern, upgraded and preferential. We have Strive to deliver best of the best to our consumers. We at SWISH are highly sensitive to feel the taste and health of our consumer. Our goal is to say our customer.

      GOOD MORNING SWISH happily by covering entire urban as well as rural markets of India through the strong and robust distribution network by result oriented meritorious team of dedicated professionals.