Dizex Herbal Candy

This is ayurveda based candy is purely made of herbal ingredients i.e. Ajwaine, Jeera, Long, Ginger, Dalchini, Nimbu satwa and Kali mirch which gives a unique blend of taste and health. Over the years Dizex has been a proud product of swish.

Ingredients and Their Importance
1. Kala namak- it is beneficial in abdominal discomfort and other symptoms related to digestive system disorders.
2. Jeers- Enhancing appetite and relieving the digestive disorders.
3. Ajwain- It has strong ability to digest foods and to relieve gas and bloating.
4. Long-Relieves acidity by providing mucous coat inside the stomach and throats.
5. Ginger- widely used for treating loss of Appetite, Nausea and vomiting.
6. Dalchini-it helps in reducing inflammation caused due to indigestion and ulcers.
7. Nimbu Satwa-it helps in releaving constipation, indigestion and other problem related to stomach.
8. Kali Mirch-it prevents from intestinal worm and the ability of improving digestion.

Product Detail
Product Name Dizex
Category Hard Boiled Sugar Candy
MRP Rs. 0.05/- or Rs. 1.00/-
Packets / Cartoon