We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Candies. These are loved by people of all ages for its diverse flavors and high quality. Our team of experts ensures a hygienic environment for the manufacturing of these candies. We make available this delicious range in various packing and tastes as per customer requirements.

Orange Candy

SWISH Orange candy give natural orange taste due to it's superior quality ingredients and recipes. Available in o.50 paisa range ,and in hygienic pack.

Lemon Mint Candy

SWISH Lemon Mint candy refreshing bad breath and gives COOL COOL feelings,offers great taste of natural PUDINA and LEMON. Available in 0.50 paisa range in premium packaging.

Imli Candy

SWISH Imli candy gives original KHATTA-MITHA taste of natural Imli ,that's why It is the choice product of children and Ladies customers especially.Available in 0.50 paisa range and in attractive packaging that creates imli taste in mind.

Kacha Aam Candy

SWISH Kacha Aam offers blend of sour taste like natural Raw mango .For such flavor ,we are using premium quality ingredient. Available in 0.50 paisa range in attractive green mango color packaging.

Mango Candy

SWISH Mango Candy offers natural ripped mango taste due to the standard quality of it's ingredients. Available in 0.50 paisa range with attractive designed packaging ,which attract the attention of children and adults both.

Lichi Candy

SWISH Lichi candy has rich flavor of milk with nutritional value because we use superior quality of Lichis in our Lichi candy .Appreciated by children and adults for it's soothing taste. Available in 0.50paisa Range with rational packaging.

Black Current Candy

SWISH Black Current Candy gives crunchy flavor in taste because it's healthy and nutritional ingredients. Available in 0.50 paisa range in nice packaging.

Strawberry Candy

SWISH Strawberry Candy is natural in taste gives soothing effect while taking in mouth by both adult and children. Available in 0.50 paisa range in attractive packaging.

Dizex Candy

SWISH Dizex Candy gives soothing flavor of Milk loved by everyone, It gives mouth watering taste and doesn't harm on teeth even after regular consumption. Available in 0.50 paisa range in attractive packagings.

Coffee Candy

SWISH Coffee Candy is made with best quality of coffee ,gives soothing taste of coffee. It fulfills the choice of coffee drinking, by talking our 0.50 paisa candy. available in nice packaging.

Elaichi Candy

SWISH Elaichi Candy sweet Elaichi freshness in mouth every time when needs to change the taste ,made up of superior ingredients of Elaichi .Available in 0.50 paisa range inattractive packaging.

Choco Candy

SWISH Choco Candy loved by all age group consumer,because chocolate flavor attracts every one,Available in 0.50 paisa range in attractive packaging.

Dizex Candy

DIZEX it's a very effective Herbal digestive candy containing, Kala Namak, ajjoin, Jeera, Black Peper, Sounth, Aamchur, Amla Powder, Laung , Elaichi and Dalchini very Chatpata taste.